Isabella Charles is a 17 year old emerging Australian fashion designer, based in between Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

The Isabella Charles brand began as a passion project as a product of the designer’s creativity and desire to design and make her own clothing. This was before evolving into a clothing label that has been styled, photographed and published in various online and paper magazines, both Australia-wide and internationally throughout Europe and the United States.

Isabella’s brand explores alternative aspects of fashion, experimenting with avant-garde designs and a nonconformist approach to trends. Her designs adopt unconventional silhouettes, while playing with elements of both femininity and masculinity. 

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The Isabella Charles girl is confident, unique and unafraid of being an individual. Her unmistakable style is ever changing, and her distinct designs convey power and individuality.

Isabella is currently attending the Queensland University of Technology to study a Bachelor of Fashion Design and Business.

While the Isabella Charles brand is still in its infancy and is currently selling custom-made pieces by appointment, the label will begin retailing online. 

Contact Isabella Charles directly to purchase a custom design.



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