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Founded by Robert Ramirez and Melissa Riling in 2017, NUDO is a luxury hammock company which aims to honour traditional Salvadoran designs and weaving techniques within an ethical business model.

Working with his father, Rafael, Brooklyn based designer Melissa Riling, and master weaver, Anderson Cruz from Chalatenango, El Salvador, NUDO combines these various influences to produce traditionally woven hammocks based on modern designs.

At Nudo we aim to reconceptualise comfort. NUDO, (which translates to “knot” in Spanish) reflects the integration of traditional knotting and weaving techniques from Central America in our hammocks, swings and other items we will be adding to the line. With endless customisation options for an elevated style of hammocks and swings, we aspire to challenge existing modern environments.

NUDO extends the versatility of hammocks and hanging chairs, making the physical experience of leisure readily available within the parameters of contemporary living. The NUDO design collective consists of Chalate + New York-based artisans and designers contributing their craft and creative perspectives to a common platform.

Read our interview with Founders Robert Ramirez and Melissa Riling here.

The Studio

Robert James Ramirez - Founder / CEO

Melissa Riling - Design Director

Taylor McMahon - Textile Design

Jason Moorer - Sales Supervisor

Ginger Kitchen - Product Design 


Bekka Palmer - Photography

Michelle Arcila - Photography

Fragmentario - Natural Dye Studio

Sarah Ward - Furniture Development 

Pate Woodworks - Woodworker

Practus - Fabrication

Greg Beson - Design