Describe yourself and your work?

I would describe myself as organised, persistent, passionate and stylish. I love fashion and being well presented and I feel like that comes through in my work through both the attention to detail and the bold use of colour and composition. I create both digital illustrations and watercolour sketches. They demonstrate the realistic aspects of a design coupled with creative flair through shadows, highlighting and the expressive yet subtle use of lines, shape and pen. I also Live Sketch, whereby a patron will stand in front of me and I will take around 15 minutes to sketch their outfit. 

How did it all begin?

Cassandra Anderson Illustrations began when I finished my studies at university but before transitioning into a corporate role. I enjoyed my studies however I was not feeling fulfilled and so one day I tapped back into my creative streak by sitting down with nothing but paper and markers. After I drew a few fashion figures, I realised that I enjoyed the process and worked up the courage to create an Instagram page to share my work. I love fashion and drawing and so this seemed like the perfect way to combine the two. What began as a hobby soon saw me participating in exhibitions, and it wasn’t long before I received my first email to create a custom illustration. 


What inspires and drives you?

I have always been inspired by women and designers who look beyond material and understand how clothing can be an extension of a woman. Particularly, I always admired women including Coco Chanel, Grace Kelly, Sofia Loren and Jackie Kennedy for their ability to couple elegance with confidence through their outfits. Additionally, because of my Cypriot background, I adore the bold yet sophisticated style of European women. I am driven by both the desire to follow my passion but also to design my own life and in doing so, use my art to bring joy to others. 


I have always been artistic and creative in my spare time, however, I never considered that it could be anything more than that until it began to do just that. First and foremost, I do it because I truly have a passion for illustrating and drawing. This is the most important foundation. Being creative is an expressive outlet; I am able to create without restriction whilst building my skills and challenging myself to try new things and different approaches. The variety offered through various client pieces always proves to be exciting yet challenging, something that drives me to work hard and always improve. Furthermore, my work also enables me meet, network and collaborate with others. I love this aspect as it can always lead to exciting and unexpected opportunities!


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