Founded in 2006 by Joshua Jang in Auckland, New Zealand, fashion label ISBIM (standing for ‘I Still Believe In Miracles’) has built its reputation in edgy, high end urban wear. The brand constantly evolves the understanding of special fabrications, aesthetics of the design, definition of body art and belief in miracles with each collection. 



I basically create my life around this label ISBIM. The brand name stands for ‘I Still Believe In Miracles’ - it represents who I am and the way live my life around ISBIM. It may sound quite philosophical to others, but it’s the way I believe and produce each garment to share with those who wear our brand.

ISBIM was established back in 2006 as a high end street wear, then it had some high and low days. We experienced our debut in the New Zealand fashionweek in 2009 and the brand evolved further into a boutique womenswear brand. Since then, ISBIM has carried its unique aesthetics and cultural approaches for applicable era with each season to seek the ideology of ISBIM.

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what’s your proudest moment for ISBIM?

‘The Moment’ will be next year when I think of this last year. I haven’t yet had ‘The Moment’ with this brand, but I believe it is coming soon. 

What advice do you have for emerging designers? 

Be on time. It doesn’t mean that you must submit something on the deadline, but being truthful and respectful to all other parties helps to create credibility and trust.

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What creative work has you excited right now?  

A practicality with suitable fabrication and extraordinary items. I am always, always looking and searching for the new and interesting fabrications that still can transform into a wearable style of garments. It just boosts my creativity when I work with them. We are currently working on the different level fabric dying process to express the collection in various perspectives.